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IGSP Alumni

2013 Alumni

Bisangula, Eric Agricultural Economics
Carasco, Nelson PhD Accounting and Information Systems
MS in Statistics
Hu, Chun MS Turf Pathology
Khalinkova, Olga MS Agricultural Economics
Martinez, Marco PhD Mathematics
MS in Statistics
Meng, Yujie PhD Forestry
MS in Statistics
Mercer, David M.S. Anthropology
Moore, Matthew MS Fisheries
Muppaneni, Harshitha MS Industrial Engineering
Shikha, Fnu MS Agricultural and Resource Economics
VanderYacht, Andrew MS Wildlife Science
Wolanin, Carey Ann MS Agricultural Economics
Xing, Fei PhD Mathematics
MS in Statistics
Xu, Guoqing MS Mechanical Engineering
Yang, Hongtai PhD Civil & Environmental Engineering
MS in Statistics

2011 Alumni

Brannon, Tyler MS Forestry
Brinkley, Steven Kenneth MS Wildlife and Fisheries Science
Busingye, Doreen MS Comparative and Experimental Medicine
Chadourne, Matthew gricultural and Resource Economics
Chen, Jie MS Agricultural Economics
Cheng, Qunkang MS Plant Pathology
Cui, Wanjun PhD Sociology
MS in Statistics
Heidel, Robert Eric Counselor Education
Hufnagl, Kevin PhD Anthropology
MS in Statistics
Kendrick, Richard PhD Experimental Psychology
Krcek, Taylor E. PhD Social Work
Lanfear, Alicja Anthropology
Li, Songsong MAS Food Science
Li, Zhiqiang PhD mathematics
MS in Statistics
Liu, Miaoru MS Agricultural Economics
Lowe, Carrie MS Wildlife and Fisheries Science
Moon, Hong Seok PhD Plant Sciences
Shrivastava, Gitika PhD Plant Science
Teunissen van Manen, Jennapher MS Wildlife and Fisheries Science
Wu, Lei PhD Information Sciences
Xia, Mingzhu PhD Child and Family Studies
Xu, Wan MS Agricultural Economics

2009 Alumni

Ball, Kimberly F. MS Agricultural Economics
Cooper, Tabatha MS Animal Science
Cronley, Courtney PhD Social Work
Cui, Xuehua PhD Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
DeMoll, Kelly Elizabeth PhD Experimental Psychology
Fleisher, Matthew S. PhD Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Head, Jason C. MS Biosystems Engineering
Humberstone, Matthew PhD Nuclear Engineering
MS in Statistics
Jackson, Lydia Eckstein PhD Psychology
Jenkins, Amanda MS Agricultural Economics
Jeong, Jaehwan MS Management Science
Jung, Suhyun MS Agricultural Economics
Kim, Seungmo PhD Sport Studies
Lee, Shu-Yueh PhD Journalism and Electronic Media
Li, Jun PhD Instructional Technology
Pennington, Robert J (Joey) MS Industrial and Information Engineering
Savage, Eric Steven MS Mathematics
Tang, Xinyue (Dana) MS Management Science
Wood, Brian MS Nuclear Engineering
Zhang, Shuping PhD Management Science
MS in Statistics

2007 Alumni

Allen, Philip B. MS Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Cherry, Donna PhD Social Work
Dilling, Richard MS Mathematics
Kushniryk, Alla PhD Communications
Lee, Hyun-Joo PhD Retail and Consumer Sciences
Liu, Lirong PhD Economics
M.S. in Statistics
Liu, Lu M.S. Biosystems Engineering
Mu, Xiaoyu Ph.D.Mathematics
M.S. in Statistics
Murphy, Bryan James M.S. Agricultural Economics
Noe, Jennifer MS Plant Sciences
Oyier, Julius M.S. Management Science
Ren, Bixiang PhD Educational Psychology
M.S. in Statistics
Walguarnery, Justin PhD Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
M.S. in Statistics
Weidow, Brandy MS Microbiology
Wight, Jason PhD Plant & Soil Science
Williams, Joshua MS Experimental Psychology
Yang, Hongwei PhD Educational Psychology
M.S. in Statistics
Yuan, Shuhua (Joshua) PhD Natural Resources

2005 Alumni

Combs, Bryan F. M.S. Agricultural Economics
Corrigan, Alison Marie M.S. Animal Science
Cridlin, Sandra M.A. Anthropology
He, Yannan M.S. Management Science
Lin, Yuling M.S. Agricultural Economics
Nelms, Kristi Ed.D. Educational Administration and Policy Studies
Nsofor, Godswill M.S. Industrial Engineering
Nute, Carol Lynn Ph.D. Retail & Consumer Sciences
Outten, Joel M.S. Engineering Science
Pantalone, Margot Ph.D. Communications
Robles, Luis Alonso Diaz Ph.D. Civil & Environmental Engineering
Tebbe, Adam M.S. Genome Science & Technology
Teparakul, Pamuk M.S. Environmental Engineering
Thongniramol, Ornuma M.A. Sociology
Young, Alexander M.S. Agricultural Economics

2003 Alumni

Congedo, Marco Ph.D. Psychology
Gonzales, Stephanie Ph.D. Sociology
He, Jing M.S. Materials Science
Huo, Jinsheng Ph.D. Environmental Engineering
M.S. in Statistics
Olson, Matthew M.S. Forestry
Oswalt, Sonja M.S. Wildlife
Owen, Gayla M.S. Advertising
Payton, Rebecca Ruth M.S. Animal Science
Rajput, Sandeep Ph.D. Chemical Engineering,
M.S. in Statistics
Rogers, Craig Ph.D. Psychology
Wicker, James Ph.D. Physics,
M.S. in Statistics
Woody, Aaron M.S. Food Science and Technology
Xin Zhang M.S. Management Science
Yu Zhang M.S, Agricultural Economics

2001 Alumni

Cooper, Randall M.S. Fisheries Science
Cuddeback, Gary S. Ph.D. Social Work
Iyer, Vidhya M.A. Psychology
LeBretton, James Ph.D. Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Moore, Marguerite Ph.D. Retail & Consumer Sciences
Roberts, F. Douglas Ph.D. Accounting
Searcy, DeWayne L. Ph.D. Accounting
Septimo, Rachel M.P.H.
Sparks, Corey M.A. Anthropology

1999 Alumni

Bagwell, Dana M.S. Communications
Bradford, Marianne Ph.D. Accounting
Bruce, Carol Ph.D. Human Ecology
M.S. Statistics
Clark, Jay Edwin M.S. Wildlife & Fisheries Science
Glover, Boyd M.A. Economics
Janis, Michael W. M.S. Wildlife & Fisheries Science
Mayhew, Catherine M.S. Agri, and Biosystems Engr. Technology
Mitchell, Jeremy M.S. Mathematics
Porter, Laura G. M.A. Psychology
Qureshi, Mohammad Ph.D. Civil Engineering
Wu, Christine M.A. Psychology

1997 Alumni

Ettel, Troy M.S. Wildlife & Fisheries Sci.
Hargrow, Tirra MPH Health and Safety Sciences
Neff, Kimberly S. Ph.D. Social Work

1995 Alumni

Bannister, Jennifer M.S. Entomology and Plant Pathology
Denham, Bryan Ph.D. Communications

1993 Alumni

Bobic, Michael Ph.D. Political Science
Case, Jeffrey M.S. Agric. Econ.
Keener, Carolyn M.S. Agric. Econ.
Tiller, Kelly M.S. Agric. Econ.
Yates Marty M.S. Agric. Econ.

2012 Alumni

Bartley, Gregory Keith, Jr. MS Plant Sciences
Carroll, Wenting Xin MS Animal Science
Edmunds, Charles Warren MS Biosystems Engineering
Hoomehr, Siavash PhD Enviropnmental Engineering
MS in Statistics
Ji, Bo PhD Animal Science
MS in Statistics
Ji, Xiaoci MS Biosystems Engineering Technology
Jiang, Ximiao PhD Civil Engineering
MS in Statistics
Lee, Daegon MS Natural Resources Economics
Li, Shuguang ("Justin") PhD Civil and Environmental Enguineering
MS in Statistics
Liu, Wanjing MS Plant Pathology
Naswa, Sudhir PhD Genome Science and Technology
MS in Statistics
Philip, Vivek M. PhD Genome Science and Technology
Roush, Charles MS Public Health
Shen, Yang MS Mathematics
MS Statistics
Tanner, Evan MS Wildlife and Fisheries
Thomas, Steven Blake MS Agricultural Economics
Tong, Tingting MS Natural Resources Economics
Van Kelegom, Martijn J. PhD Communication Studies
Wells, Bobby MS Public Health
Wang, Zhigang PhD Materials Science and Engineering
MS in Statistics
Watcharaanantapong, Pattarawan MS Agricultural Economics
Xia, Lijin PhD Biomedical Engineering
MS in Statistics
Zhuang, Haijing MS Agricultural Economics

2010 Alumni

Ahn, Ho-Young (Anthony) PhD Communications
Clemons, Jessica MS Food Science and Technology
Crawcour, Stephen PhD Audiology and Speech Pathology
Estanislao, Peixoto MS Animal Science
Fulton, Adam MS Agricultural Economics
Gao, Yuan MS Agricultural Economics
Hailsip, Nathan MS Wildlife
Hooker, Michael Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries
Huang, Yaohua MS Biosystems Engineering
Iwuchukwu, Ernest MS Industrial Engineering
Kim, Taewoo PhD Communication (Advertising)
Kuang, Xun MS Management Science
Kumar, Archana PhD Retail and Consumer Services
MS in Statistics
Lin, Jingyu PhD Plant Science
Naidu, Sasikumar PhD Industrial and Information Engineering
MS in Statistics
Oliver, Mark PhD Social Work
O'Mara, Erin PhD Experimental Psychology
Turner, Matthew D. PhD Mathematics
MS in Statistics
Walker, Joshua MA Economics
Wang, Jiao Industrial and Information Engineering
Wang, Zixing PhD Genome Science and Technology
MS in Statistics
Weisent, Jennifer PhD Epidemiology
Wortley, Michael George PhD Exercise & Sports Studies
Yao, Qingzhu PhD Industrial Engineering
MS in Statistics

2008 Alumni

Bohl, Russell J. MS Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries Science
Borate, Bhavesh MS Genome Science & Technology
MS in Statistics
Brown, Matthew MS Agricultural Economics
Castro-Neto, Manoel PhD Civil Engineering
MS in Statistics
Duvvuru, Suman PhD Genome Science and Technology
MS in Statistics
Tian, Jiawan PhD Materials Science and Engineering
MS in Statistics
Joyce, Blake MS Plant Science
Laughter, Karissa MS Comparative and Experimental Medicine
Liu, Xiaowen MS Agricultural Economics
Minfeng, Jin MS Food Science and Technology
Pedigo, Ashley MS Food Science & Technology
Qiao, Dongchun PhD Materials Science and Engineering
MS in Statistics
Raible, Michael MS Nuclear Engineering
Ramirez, Marisol Benitez Biosystems Engineering
Rao, Murali PhD Plant Sciences
MS in Statistics
Shanafield, Harold MS Genome Science and Technology
MS in Statistics
Ward, Amanda M. MS Animal Science
Yu, Ning Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management

2006 Alumni

Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering
Beals, Monica Ph.D. Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
M.S. in Statistics
Bhowmick, Chandrashis M.S. Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology
Bowler, Mark Ph.D. Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Cannon, Rex M,A. Psychology
Carter, Kristina Ph.D. Food Science and Technology
Fang, Yi M.S. Industrial and Information Engineering
Gipson, Kevin M.S. Mathematics
Goychuk, Kateryna M.S. Agricultural Economics
Jones, LaKeya M.S. Agricultural Economics
Liu, Fei
McMahon, Sean Ph.D. Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
M.S. in Statistics
Nukala, Sirisha Ph.D. Industrial and Information Engineering
M.S. in Statistics
Ojemakinde, Bukola M.S. Industrial and Information Engineering
Parker, William T. M.S. in Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries

2004 Alumni

Bao, Xinli Ph.D. Management Science
M.S. in Statistics
Chatpattananan, Vuttichai Ph.D. Management Science
M.S. in Statistics
Coakley, Tanya Ph.D. Social Work
Engel, Elizabeth Cayenne M.S. Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Fielder, Jenny M.S. Wildlife & Fisheries Science
Hebb, Lauriann Lowe Ph.D. Experimental Psychology
Hemel, Brian M.S. Forestry
Hersey, Kent M.S. Wildlife & Fisheries Science
Liao, Lingchen M.S. Chemical Engineering
Mancusi, Michael M.S. Forestry
Mehrotra, Anshuman M.S. Management Science
Oswalt, Christopher M.S. Forestry
Sanders, David M. M.S. Entomology and Plant Pathology
Shi, Xinjie Ph.D. Management Science
M.S. in Statistics
Yun, Jeongran M.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering
Zhang, Yanhong Ph.D. Economics
M.S. in Statistics

2002 Alumni

Ashaibi, Godwin Ph.D. Child and Family Studies
Barthelemy, Juan Ph.D. Social Work
Beeler, Robert M.S. Mathematics
Belote, Travis M.S. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Chadwick, Jaime M.S. Wildlife
Cui, Xu M. S. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Daves, Hester Ph.D. Retail and Consumer Science
Fu, Shih-Fang M.S. Retail and Consumer Science
Gardner, Justin M.S. Agricultural Economics
Huss, Sean Ph.D. Sociology
Jackson, Samuel Wayne M.S. Forestry
Kamat, Mithun M.S. Chemical Engineering
Kumar, Naveen M.S. Industrial Engineering
Lee, Eun-Ju Ph.D. Marketing
Li, Meng M.S. Agricultural Economics
Manrod, Jennifer M.S. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Odom, Kenneth Ph.D. in Civil Engineering
Park, Jungkun Ph.D. Consumer & Industry Service Management
Seo, Jung-Im Ph.D. Retail and Consumer Science
Song, Hua M.S. Textile Science
Stokes, Yamika M.S. Plant & Soil Science
Wiwattarangkul, Pornpat M.S. Agricultural Economics

2000 Alumni

Boersen, Mark M.S. Wildlife Science
Carroll, Patrice M.A. Psychology
Dillingham, Paul Ph.D. Anthropology
Gao, Xiao M.S. Textile Science
Kwon, Kyoung-Nan Ph.D. Retail & Consumer Sciences
Li, Huo Ph.D. Biochemistry
M.S. in Statistics
Moss, Edwin Daniel M.S. Wildlife and Fisheries
Peacock, Aaron M.S. Agri. & Biosystems Engr. Technology
Schumacher, Carrie M.S. Wildlife Science
Seo, Heensun Ph.D. Retail & Consumer Sciences
Septimo, Rachel M.P.H. Human Ecology
Shao, Chen-Chun (Tony) Ph.D. Food Science & Technology
M.S. in Statistics

1998 Alumni

Andrews, Christopher K. M.S. Forest Products
Calhoun, Clyde M.A. Sociology
Martorello, Donald M.S. Wildlife & Fisheries Sci.
Upton, Mark M.S. Industrial Engineering

1996 Alumni

Allen, Todd M.S. Wildlife & Fisheries Sci.
Donnelley, Stephen Ph.D. Anthropology
Franklin, Jay M.A. Anthropology
Harriman, Heidi M.A. Experimental Psychology
Krumwiede, Kip Ph.D. Accounting
Ku, Ning M.S. Management Science
Lee, Jung M.S. Food Science & Technology
Martin, Derek M.A. Sociology
Newbold, Chris M.S. Wildlife & Fisheries Sci.
Remaley, Mark M.S. Forestry
Wilson, Megan M.A. Psychology

1994 Alumni

Bates, Michael M.S. Agric. Econ.
Eason, Thomas M.S. Wildlife & Fisheries Sci.
Hens, Samantha M.A. Anthropology
Lambert, Kevin M.S. Agric. Econ.
Lomax, Greg M.S. Agric. Econ.
Miles, Richard M.S. Wildlife & Fisheries Sci.
Minesky, James Ph.D. Zoology
Pedersen, Joel M.S. Wildlife & Fisheries Sci.
Shen, Jianming Ph.D. Zoology
M.S. in Stat
Teunissen van Manen, Frank Ph.D. Ecology
Waters, Walter M.S. Agric. Econ.
Zheng, Ying Ph.D. Food Science & Technology
M.S. in Stat

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