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Approved IGSP Courses



Level A

Level A Sequences: Level A courses are introductory, graduate-level applied statistics courses.

*STAT 531 - 532 and SOWK 605 - 606 typically do not prepare students for higher-level statistics courses.  Approved for MS or MA with statistics minor only.  Doctoral students wishing to have STAT 531-2 or SOWK 605 - 606 apply as Level A courses may petition to do so after successful completion (grade B or better) of at least one Level B course. Courses do not count toward the M.S. in Statistics.



Level B

Level B: Level B courses are graduate-level applied statistics courses which have Level A (or equivalent) prerequisites.


STAT 573 Design of Experiments ECON 582 Elements of Econometrics I MGT 627 Structural Equation Models in Organizational Research
STAT 575 Applied Time Series ECON 583 Elements of Econometrics II  
STAT 576 Multivariate and Data Mining Techniques ECON 682 Advanced Microeconometrics NE 579 Advanced Monitoring and 
Diagnostic Techniques
STAT 577 Data Mining Methods and Applications ECON 683 Time Series Econometrics NE 585 Process System Reliability 
and Safety
STAT 578 Categorical Data Analysis    
STAT 579 Applied Multivariate Methods EDPY 678 Statistics for Applied Fields III NURS 608 Quantitative Nursing Research
STAT 583 Special Topics in Applied Statistics EDPY 680 Advanced Educational Measurement  
STAT 593 Independent Study

EDPY 693 Independent Study

(Mixed Methodology Using Rasch Modeling) or (Using Structural Equation Modeling to Analyze University Assessment Data)

POLS 610 Special Topics in 
Empirical Theory and Methodology
AREC 524 Econometric Methods in Agricultural Economics GEOG 515 Advanced Quantitative Methods in Geography PSYC 601 Hierarchical Linear Models
  GEOG 611 Applied Bayesian Methods for Spatio-temporal and Mixed Models PSYC 607 Seminar in Applied Psychometrics
ANSC 572 Least Squares Analysis   PSYC 622 Structural Equation Modeling
ANSC 675 Statistical Genomics GEOL 525 Data Analysis for Geoscientists  
    SOCI 534 Advanced Sociological Analysis (topic-by-topic basis)
ANTH 604 Anthropological Statistics II HEAM 620 Uses of Large Datasets in Educational Research SOCI 631 Advanced Quantitative Methods
CCI 640/CMST 560 Advanced Communication and Information Research Methods: Advanced Design and Analysis IIE 556 Data Mining in Engineering and Manufacturing SOWK 665 Advanced Quantitative Research Methods: Applied Multilevel Modeling


Additional Level B courses

These courses are advanced applied courses or theory courses which have statistics and mathematics prerequisites.


STAT 563 Probability and Statistical Inference

(required for MS in Statistics)

MATH 423-425 Probability I, Statistics MGSC 681 Special Topics*
STAT 567 Analysis of Lifetime Data MATH 424 Stochastic Processes  
STAT 625 Bayesian Modeling and Computations MATH 523-524 Probability NE 653 Theory of Information Processing
STAT 683 Special Topics in Statistics MATH 525-526 Statistics  
CEM 601 Advanced Epidemiology MATH 527 Stochastic Modeling  
  MATH 623 - 624 Advanced Probability  
IIE 605 Probabilistic Methods for Engineering Systems    


* ARIMA Models of Supply Chains.  Other Special Topics must secure IGSP approval.

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